Randy Banis
Producer, Guitars, Backing Vocal

Song Writer, Lead Vocal, Bass Guitar, and Guitars

 Chill Magnet with acoustic guitars on blue

Chill Magnet is a pioneering Indie electronic dance rock (EDR) duo hailing from Southern California's Coachella Valley, the musically vibrant desert rock scene that includes Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. But unlike output from the iconic local desert rock of Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal, Chill Magnet enjoys the distinct trademark of American psychedelia — one that is fueled by Australasia Tame Impala and Jaguar Ma, and flavored by Brit Pop.

Lead singer TomTom also leads the writing effort, while guitarist Randy Banis serves as arranger and producer. Surf Chica Bonita, the first full-length LP from Chill Magnet, follows two 2016 singles, “Me and My Psychiatrist” and “Jessalyn,” and the 2015 six-song EP Gringo Mariachi.

Chill Magnet will soon announce a string of appearances around the country in support of Surf Chica Bonita and looks forward to meeting up with its many fans.