Randy Banis, half of the electronic dance rock duo Chill Magnet, is scheduled to testify at a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Federal Lands.  Banis will speak in support of H.R.857, the California Off-Road Recreation and Conservation Act, which was introduced by Rep. Paul Cook, a Republican from Yucca Valley, California.
Banis has long been active in support of outdoor recreation in the California desert.  But little did he know that the desert would also become the backdrop for the content and style of Chill Magnet, in which he produces, and plays guitar and computer assisted instruments.
“The California desert is deeply connected to the heart and soul of our Coachella Valley sound. We reflect both its stunning beauty and brutality when sing of the joys and sorrows that are part of life,” explains Banis. “For me, it makes sense to protect the unique values that will inspire future generations by designating public lands for recreation and conservation.  That is why working to get H.R.857 passed into law is so important to me."
In addition to helping give Chill Magnet its voice, the desert has also helped Banis develop his voice as leader seeking to bring people together. Since 1998, Banis has served as an official advisor of the Bureau of Land Management as a member of its Desert District Advisory Council.
Chill Magnet was first introduced through their 2015 six-song EP, Gringo Mariachi, which was followed in 2016 with singles Me and My Psychiatrist and Jessalyn.  Their break through full-length album, Surf Chica Bonita, released in 2017, took Chill Magnet’s Coachella Valley sound from the desert to the beach, carefully interweaving elements of desert rock, classic surf, and electronic dance.
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