"Chill Magnet has created a set of songs
that make your heart feel free."

Make sure you check out the songs on “Gringo Mariachi,” the 2015 debut EP from indie rock band Chill Magnet. This electronic dance rock duo from the Coachella Valley in Southern California creates a sound that is very Californian. The relaxed grooves and fun pop/punk sensibilities create a unique brand of alternative rock. The songs have a soulful emotional tone with layers of sonic textures. The band has a sense of humor as witnessed by the EP title.

Chill Magnet are not afraid to mix in some electronic synths, as in the first track “What Do You Really Think,” and then go to the other extreme and mash in some Mexican Tejano rhythms and percussion on the final track of the the six song CD “In Mexico (Gringo Mariachi), ..the official title track. That track also boasts grungy guitars mixed with delay drenched trumpets which create a vibe of wandering through the streets of Mexico on a sultry summer evening in a drunken euphoria.

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